More Rooms & Attic Suite Rates

The Victoria Room
(maximum 2(two) people in a room)
The Victoria Room is decorated in soft colors of mauve and blue with floral wallpaper to give it its quaint country charm. The antique birds eye maple queen size bed and its matching dressers are quite sensational, and add to the ever present warmth and comfort of the room. It has its own private entrance located just off the upstairs porch, and the view out the windows are of the raised bed garden in the backyard. Jeannie has been known to call this the "honeymoon" suite, only because the folks that end up staying in this room seem to only come downstairs after smelling the tantalizing scents of breakfast in the morning...... Private bath

Price:  $93 per night* (including breakfast) Spring and Summer rates

          $98 per night* (including breakfast) Fall and Winter rates


          *Does NOT include taxes          

The Buckboard Room
(maximum 2(two) people in a room)

The Buckboard Room has two single beds with a somewhat tailored decor, hunter green and deep red underline its wildlife theme. There is a nice desk to sit down at and write postcards to all your family and friends...of course making sure you mention what they ALL are missing here in Pocahontas County!!! I see another visit in the near future. Private bath


Price: $93 per night* (including breakfast)Spring and Summer rates

         $98 per night* (including breakfast)Fall and Winter rates


         *Does not include taxes

The Chaise Attic Suite

(maximum 2(two) people in a room)


The Chaise Room, otherwise known as the attic suite, has two single beds and a nice sitting area with a sofa. This room was a labor of love, and every corner has a little something unique and different....for instance, an old chicken crate has been made into a great coffee table in the sitting area with the couch....the table between the beds was made with the base of an old sewing machine and barnyard wood...the decor on the wall...pieces of an amazing old trunk, and old mouldings turned into a place to hang your coats....but the favorite of all is the wooden barrel used in the bathroom as a sink......this room is the esence of my creativity....and that is to make something wonderful out of old worn out stuff. I should also mention, this room is for the young at heart, and folks with good knees, the steps going up are extremely steep, so unfortunately cannot have children under the age of 8 or folks who may have bad knees, hips, etc., but once you are up, it couldn't be a better hideout in the sky!!! The Chaise also has an air conditioner. Private bath